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If you like to think out of the box for keynote speakers, here’s something that will wow your audience.

We all have intuition, that little voice inside us that tells us what we should do. Now what if you could help your employees tap into that intuition to better their professional lives and your business?

America’s Psychic Medium Karyn Reece will do that. She is an acclaimed intuitive consultant who is sought out for her uncanny accuracy in communicating with those who have crossed over. She provides specifics concerning past, present and the future and this unprecedented psychic ability makes Karyn a rarity in her field. She has also been recognized by clients for her acumen in forecasting business trends that has helped her clients make record profits.

Karyn’s media profile is replete with appearances on many of the biggest television shows on the Lifetime Channel, TLC, The Discovery Channel, A&E, the Biography Channel as well as her own television shows on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY. Her friendly, entertaining persona is the reason many producers call her the most gifted and media friendly psychics in the marketplace.

Karyn also provides training with corporations and businesses alike and advises some of the most powerful people in the United States on matters of economic and business strategy especially in today’s unsettling marketplace.

Let Karyn Reece help your employees enhance their intuition and use it to benefit your business. Contact us at www.bookingconnection.com today!

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