Hiring Entertainment For Your Event

Entertainment can make or break your event.  But selecting the right acts isn’t as easy as just calling to see if they’re available.  The following are some tips to help guide you when selecting the entertainment to “wow” your guests.

#1.  It doesn’t matter what type of entertainment you like.  Select the act that best fits your audience.  It’s rather simple.  Just sample your audience and/or potential audience to get their feedback.   What type of performer or group will keep your audience interested?

#2.  Get references from recent dates where the entertainer performed.  This is very important if you’re hiring a nationally-known band.  Many of the original members of bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s aren’t touring with their original bands anymore, so you may be getting a lead singer, who doesn’t have that iconic voice you remember from your records.   On the flip side, some original singers still front their bands, but they’ve lost their voice over time.  Doing some quick checks can alleviate a lot of potential disappointment. 

#3.  Know what types of songs the band will play.   Recently, a youth organization contracted with a rap/hip hop group to play an event for 13-20 year olds.  A quick phone call to the group’s manager to inform them of the ages of the audience, combined with a request that the group minimize the explicit language, worked wonders.  The kids loved the music and their parents had no problems with the act.

#4.  Paying more money for a good band is worth the investment.  Many organizations want to pay as little as possible for entertainment, but it makes no sense.  No matter what your event is, I guaranty that people will be talking about the entertainment for a long time … good or bad.  As one member of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame told us, “Sure we started out getting paid with a few sandwiches and a case of beer.  But we just weren’t good enough at that time to play for an audience like this.”

#5.  Keep in mind additional costs.  Depending upon your venue, you may need to bring in stage, sound and lights.  Don’t skimp on these because poor sound or bad lighting is a guaranteed ticket to audience unhappiness.

#6.  Provide some food and beverages for the band.  Performing can take a lot of energy, so by providing refreshments restocks their energy, which gives you a better performance in the long run.

#7.  Always sign a detailed contract.  Make sure all your responsibilities are spelled out.  The contract should include at least the following:

  • Date, time (starting and ending) and location of the performance
  • How many musicians will be present
  • Who is responsible for providing sound and lighting equipment
  • Who will operate the mixer and sound/lighting system
  • Time of the day when band will be expected to setup equipment
  • Dress code desired for performers during event
  • How many people will be in the audience
  • That specified food and drink will be provided to the band at no charge
  • When the deposit will be made and how much it will be
  • When the final payment is to occur and how much it will be 
  • Will you allow the act to sell merchandise?  If so, will you get a percentage of sales?

#8.  Make your decision then book the entertainment immediately.  The best acts are getting offers almost every day and I guaranty they won’t sit around waiting for you.

Of course, if you need assistance in selecting the best possible acts for your events, contact us at www.bookingconnection.com. 

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