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Looking for a truly unique motivational speaker? How about a guy, bullied as a young teen, who grew up to become the #1 heavyweight boxing contender in the world, headlining many HBO fight cards.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Just as he was on the cusp of getting his title shot, he was injured and the bleeding on his brain stopped him from fighting for a couple years.

Great story right? Wait, it gets better. After a battery of neurosurgeons, neurologists and other doctors clear him to fight again, the primary boxing commissions, in Nevada and New York, refuse to license him again. So he renews his career in out of the way places.

The story isn’t over yet. After he wins his fourth fight in a row on his comeback, with HBO looking for him to headline again and the boxing commissions ready to relent and let him fight for the title, he retires undefeated.

He gets married, has a family, becomes a successful businessman and creates the Champs Against Bullying Foundation.

Let “Baby” Joe Mesi inspire your people with his story and give them solid ideas as to how they can overcome their challenges to become a success. Your event will be a knockout!

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