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Planning any corporate meeting means keeping track of many details.  But as a successful event planner, you must go beyond the obvious to create a successful event.

Here are six tips that you may not have thought about that will help ensure that you’ll have a great event.

1. Reduce Your Room Attrition Fee.  A few days before your event, check to see if your hotel is booked. If so, you can use that to get them to waive any attrition fees you may have incurred.

2. Arrive Early for Site Visits.  Show up at least one hour before your scheduled site inspection, unannounced. In that time, walk around, try to interact with staff like you are a guest (ask directions, ask “difficult questions” as if you were not a seasoned traveler), look in the restaurants — eat there if you have time, ask for recommendations for a local restaurant (just to see the responsiveness).  By doing this you’ll find out if the property is the quality you’ll need.  If not, you can skip your meeting and save time.

3. Use a Tree Stanchion for Lanyards.  As any planner or registrar knows, string/lanyard badges can get tangled easily and create quite a mess in the registration area.  Go on the Internet and buy some “tree stanchions.”  You’ll rarely have issues with knots. Plus, they make the registration area look even more professional and organized. You can even place a sign on top of them!

4. Reserve Last Rows to Fill Front Rows.  Don’t risk empty tables or chairs at the front of your event.  Place reserved signs on the last two rows of tables or chairs in the ballroom.  It forces people to look at tables or chairs closer to the stage.  Only after those front tables or chairs are filled should you remove the reserved signs to fill the tables in the back of the room.

5. Buy a Box Dedicated as a Supply Kit. A toolbox is extremely handy to place miscellaneous items you would need for your meeting (pens, stapler/staples, paperclips, box cutter, scissors, velcro, batteries, sewing kit, emergency kit etc.) and emergency kit. Everything is organized and in one spot to help save time when needed. Make sure you have a list of contents and restock the box after your event.

6. Make sure you’ve got the appropriate speaker and/or entertainment for your event. While this might seem obvious, many people become far more enamored with “names” and fail to see if the message is the most appropriate for your audience.  Often times that means working with a third-party, who has worked with, but doesn’t directly represent, the speakers/entertainers your considering.

If you need input on speakers or entertainers to make your events the best they can be, contact

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